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Welcome to the phpCMS Documentation Wiki

With the release of phpCMS 1.2.0 we moved the phpCMS documentation project to this new wiki. The current content in this wiki is part of a discontinued phpCMS documentation project which got replaced by this wiki. If you have further questions, visit the phpCMS-forum.

phpCMS version 1.2.2 released!

There was a remote execution security vulnerability discovered, which can be found in all phpCMS versions prior to phpCMS 1.2.2. In phpCMS 1.2.2 this vulnerability is fixed. Users of older phpCMS versions are highly urged to update their installation to phpCMS 1.2.2.

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Table of Contents

The new documentation is divided into five main sections: phpCMS User Documentation, Contributed Plugins Documentation, phpCMS Developer Documentation, phpCMS Tutorials and phpCMS FAQ.

phpCMS User Documentation

License | A short word about CMS | System requirements | Quick Installation Guide | phpCMS overwiew | Including 3rd party php scripts

Documentations of User Contributed Plugins and Scripts for phpCMS

Sorted by Developer | Sorted by Function | Sorted by Name

phpCMS Developer Documentation

How to write plugins | Including 3rd party php scripts | Variable names used by phpCMS

phpCMS Tutorials

Transition to phpCMS - Step by step (needs to be filled with content) | Adapting existing PHP scripts for phpCMS | MiniHowTos - Tips & Tricks | External Tutorials

more on the Tutorials MainPage


Deutsche FAQ | English FAQ

more on the FAQ MainPage

Contribute to the phpCMS project!

phpCMS is a non commercial project, licensed under the GNU Public License - which means that we, the phpCMS team, are spending a lot of time into phpCMS, just because it's fun and we like to create something useful for the community.

But you - the users - can help as well to improve phpCMS. In the last few month our documentation team did a great job to create a very useful phpCMS documentation. But even as a big part of the work is done, there's still a lot to do. And that's what we need you for. Please contribute to the phpCMS project by helping us and the other users, to improve the phpCMS documentation.

... read more about contribution on this page

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