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[edit] Google Sitemap

[edit] Overview

title         : Google Sitemap
version       : 1.0
author        : Andre "Guandalug" Meiske
licence       : GPL
description   : Create a XML-based Google Sitemap
phpCMS version: 1.2.x

[edit] Licence

GPL (licence content will be added later)

[edit] Download

[edit] Short Description

You want to build a Google Sitemap (as described by Google on ), but you don't want to do it manually? This plugin takes your menu file definition and turns it into a XML-based sitemap, just like the sitemap generator provided by phpCMS does for clear-text sitemaps.

[edit] Documentation

Using this plugin is really easy, as it's meant to be mostly 'stand-alone' - it ties in to phpCMS of course, but the only interaction with your page is the analysis of your menu file. Therefore, the installation instructions are short:

  • Extract the Archive within your plugin-directory (will create a 'GoogleSitemap/' subdirectory)
  • Copy the file 'xml_sitemap.ini' to wherever you put your .ini-files (for me, that usually is the '/template/' - directory), and adapt it to match your setup (especially your .mnu - file).
  • Copy the file 'xml_sitemap.tpl' - file into your templates - folder (again, that's '/template/' for me, usually). Just make sure the '.ini'-file mentioned above has the correct path to the template. If your plugin-dir is properly configured,there is no need to change anything within this file
  • Copy the file 'xml_sitemap.htm' into your document root and alter the project line accordingly to your setup. There is no need for anything else beside this project line in this file
  • Create a .htaccess rule to silently forward requests for sitemap.xml to xml_sitemap.htm:
  RewriteEngine on
  RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml [L]
Alternatively, you can rename the file 'xml_sitemap.htm' to 'sitemap.xml' and modify your phpCMS setup to parse '.xml'-files as well.

[edit] Development Status / known bugs

The plugin is to be considered 'stable', and there are no known bugs right now. If you found any, report them over at the phpCMS support forum.

[edit] Version History

  • 2004-04-18 - Release of Version 1.0

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