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[edit] Previous/Next - Navigation

[edit] Overview

title         : Previous/Next - Navigation
version       : 1.0
author        : Andre "Guandalug" Meiske
licence       : GPL
description   : Turn a menu-section into a prev/next - navigation
phpCMS version: 1.2.x

[edit] Licence

GPL (licence content will be added later)

[edit] Download

[edit] Short Description

You got a list of files that would be too long for a menu, want to get rid of a dropdown-list navigation or need a couple of files linked among each other? Search no more. The prev/next navigation plugin will ease the work for you. It automatically creates links to the previous and next page for you - all from the information stored in your menu file.

[edit] Documentation

The installation is straight-forward:

  • Copy this file into your plugin-directory
  • Decide upon a menu class that should be turned into a prev/next - navigation, make sure there's at least one dot in the menu class number
  • Include the plugin-line in your template right where the navigation links should be given (only one navigation line per plugin call possible, multiple calls to the plugins are allowed though. Example line:
{PLUGIN FILE="$plugindir/prev_next_navigation.php" TYPE="STATIC"}
  • Insert a configuration line into every content file that should show a prev/next - navigation, stating the menuclass-name that provides the navigation data. Example:
  • Add the following five definitions to the tag-file:
 <NAV_PRE>            := <div class="prevnextnav">
 <NAV_PREVIOUS "%1">  := <a href="%1">Zur&uuml;ck</a>
 <NAV_NEXT "%1">      := <a href="%1">Weiter</a>
 <NAV_BETWEEN>        :=  / 
 <NAV_POST>           := </div>

Here, NAV_PRE and NAV_POST will be printed if there is any navigation (either back or forth) to wrap the navigation line into a proper layout. NAV_PREVIOUS is used if there is a 'previous' page, NAV_NEXT accordingly if there's a next page. NAV_BETWEEN is only used if both NAV_PREVIOUS and NAV_NEXT are active, allowing for a delimiter. The abovementioned tag-example goes for a CSS class named 'prevnextnav' and simple links for navigation. Adapt as needed, e.g. for a button navigation

Note that the plugin will sort the pages in the given menu section by class number in ascending order and then decides on the 'previous' and 'next' page. For this, the numbers need to be unique (as always), but not continuous - gaps in numbering will be 'jumped across', so preparing a navigation class with gaps for pages to be inserted later on is okay.

[edit] Development Status / known bugs

The plugin is to be considered 'stable', and there are no known bugs right now. If you found any, report them over at the phpCMS support forum.

[edit] Version History

  • 2004-04-18 - Release of Version 1.0

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